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According to an article published by Grafkom on Feb 1, 2024, Scandinavian book printer Scandbook announced in early 2024 that it is installing new digital printing technology in two plants.

“The timing is perfect for this investment as our customers are increasingly looking at sustainability issues and, of course, their costs,” says Paulius Juška, CEO of Scandbook.

They chose four 27-inch FUJIFILM 42K printbars with Samba printheads to retrofit their existing press. Company officials said they believe uptime will be higher, and the stability of the technology makes it more predictable at start and stop. They also will be able to print on a wider range of book papers.

“This gives us much better control over the process, and we will be able to print on many more different papers,” said Scandbook site manager Alf Linder.

“Just having a wider selection of papers is very important right now. The market wants to be standardized, but it also wants to be flexible, as paper is such a large part of the cost of the book,” he added.

Juška added, “It’s good for our company which becomes much more stable, this will be our opportunity to create a good future.”

To see the full article from Grafkom, click the link: Scandbook Invests 36M SEK in Digital Printing Technology 

  • Scandinavia’s leading book printer, supplying more than 300 publishers.
  •  Locations in Sweden and Lithuania
  • Annual printing of 40 million books delivered to 13 different countries
The goal
  • Replace legacy inkjet imprinting equipment as part of a 36 million SEK upgrade
The solution
  • Four 27-inch FUJIFILM printbars installed on existing Timson presses
“There were a number of reasons we went with Fujifilm over rival systems. We liked that they fully own all the technologies – the printheads as well as the integration technology.

“It gives us confidence to be dealing with one partner – a partner that we were confident could offer the service and support we need to ensure ongoing smooth operation and the swift resolution to any problems.”

“It’s proven technology. Fujifilm has a long heritage in inkjet, and its imprinting solutions are tried and tested.

“They’re a strong and respected manufacturer and a financially robust and stable company that we know we can depend on over the long term.

“The Fujifilm imprinting system gives us more up-time, shorter set-up times and results in far less waste.

—Bernd Wein, Paragon Operations Director, Direct Mail


Paragon Group
  • A major global player in direct
    mail, transactional print, business
    outsourcing and packaging
  •  9000+ employees in 30 countries
  • Annual turnover of more than $1.3B
The goal
  • Replace legacy inkjet imprinting equipment on a direct mail production line
The solution
  • A pair of one-meter wide FUJIFILM print bars installed on Paragon’s existing equipment
See Fujifilm’s press release announcing the success of the Paragon project!
Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions made it easy to evaluate their solution by providing a demonstration unit and the support needed to install it.

They planned and communicated clearly and in detail throughout the process from our first inquiry through to equipment arrival, installation, and follow-up thereafter. This made the experience easy.

“Fujifilm is open, collaborative, and flexible to our needs. It goes without saying that their expertise was comprehensive.

“It’s good to know Fujifilm has a broad range of solutions and they are able to support our expansion as we continue to incorporate the latest printing technology for our customers.”

-Naveed Choudhry, Sr.
Transformation and Operations Manager,
Broadridge Customer Communications

Read the full case study.

  • An independent Fintech leader whose platforms underpin the trading of more than $9 trillion each day
  •  14000+ employees in 21 countries
  • Annual turnover of more than $5B
The goal
  • Replace legacy inkjet equipment for transactional printing
The solution
  • Print systems of different sizes and structures to handle a variety of transactional documents