Products & Solutions

Our inkjet systems are custom configured for your specific application and production process. They include the print engine, inks and fluids, connectivity software, and all the components required for a complete system that’s ready to put late-stage customization capability into your production. Because we are uniquely both a core inkjet technology creator and a system integrator, we can take a complete system approach to your design. This means you get a high performance product that you can rely on in your production.

These systems use the latest high performance Fujifilm single pass inkjet technologies, producing high print quality at high speed so you maintain your production throughput. Our technology platform is based on a scalable architecture design, so the print system is configured for you without compromise or redundancy you don’t need. It enables an efficient system design and build without overly long development times. It also means we can scale and multiply print systems as you grow your inkjet capability in the future.

A dedicated team of multi-discipline engineers work with you to understand the demands of your print performance requirement and materials, your late-stage customization plans, and your production process. They work with you to create a specification for a system configuration that delivers exactly what you need, with attributes like print width, print quality, color channels, pre- and post-treatment, printed product performance, and regulation compliance.

DE1024 Digital Embellishment System

This embellishment printbar system adds gloss and tactile effects to labels, packaging, and more. It integrates onto narrow-web production lines.

42K Printbar System

The 42K supports commercial printing, direct mail, and transaction documents as well as packaging applications such as folding cartons and corrugated printing.

Fujifilm 42X and X-BAR print systems
42X and X-BAR 

The X-BAR Powered by Fujifilm Inkjet Technology and the 42X Printbar System add monochrome variable-data capabilities to production lines.

46kUV Print System from Fujifilm
46kUV Inkjet Printbar

This UV inkjet printbar can be added to an analog press to include variable data in labels at 1200 dpi. The included Samba® printhead offers top image quality.

Mini 4300 Series Industrial Inkjet Printbar System

Designed for maximum value at minimal cost, this industrial-grade system is configurable with up to 4 individually controlled printbars.

Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions 12K Print System
12K Printbar System

The 12K is a compact four-color digital inkjet system that is designed for ease of integration into a wide variety of production processes.

Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions 42K on TransJet Media Transport
TransJet Media Transports

The TransJet is a high-speed transport for off-line or near-line inkjet integrations. It supports sheet-to-sheet, roll-to-roll, and roll-to-sheet operations.

Fujifilm Custom Press
Configurable inkjet printers
Fujifilm’s digital inkjet printing systems can be built for off-line or near-line digital web-fed printing. Systems are designed for adaptation and expansion.
StarFire® SG1024 Industrial Inkjet Printing System

High speed printing with configurable widths for printing construction materials and decorative applications.

Dimatix Materials
Printer DMP-2850

The Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) is a cost-effective, easy-to-use precision materials deposition system.

Dimatix Materials

The Dimatix Materials Cartridge is a snap-in replaceable printhead for the Dimatix Materials Printer, designed for high-resolution non-contact jetting.

Showing a print finishing process
Finishing Equipment


When inkjet integration requires finishing equipment, Fujifilm can provide the components for a complete solution.