The Fujifilm 42K Printbar System will soon be available with the Universal Controller from Kao Collins

Fujifilm and Kao Collins are collaborating in the development of new versions of the Kao Collins Universal controller and the FUJIFILM 42K Printbar System making the two products compatible.

The Universal Controller from Kao Collins is a popular device that comes standard with the X-BAR Powered by Fujifilm Inkjet Technology.

It simplifies the transition to modern drop-on-demand print technology by providing the familiar functionality and interface you’ve come to expect in commercial imprinting.

The Fujifilm 42K Printbar System is Fujifilm’s most popular integrated inkjet printbar system due in large part to its widely ranging print width options enabling imprinting across an entire web from edge-to-edge.

Compatibility of these two products opens yet more possibilities for commercial print service providers.

In addition to operating the X-BAR, and now 42K, the Universal Controller from Kao Collins can also operate some legacy continuous inkjet systems, offering a centralized and consistent interface for print service provider facilities.

Fujifilm 42K Printbar and Kao Collins print controller


Support for .pdf and .ijpds formats

Read-and-print capability for imprinting

Automated maintenance routines

Advanced job queue management


Convenient test-image printing

Additional benefits include:

  • Record-driven I/O for control of ancillary equipment
  • Fiber optic cables for longer data transmission lengths and higher bandwidth
  • Multiple stop modes for efficient restart with clear indication of the last record printed
  • Allows digitally adjusting the print position in two directions while printing
  • Quick and easy software updates
  • Print confirmation with automatic stop
  • Keystroke logging
  • Ink usage monitoring and estimation
  • Real-time cue diagnostics
  • Missed-cue interpolation
  • Cue tolerance
  • Metric and Imperial units of measure
  • Automatic printbar recognition during setup