FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions and Kao Collins create business partnership

Fujifilm and Kao Collins are working together
to provide innovative inkjet technology
for digital imprinting in global direct mail
and transactional printing markets.

Local Support Globally

World-Class Customer Service

Innovative Technology

Local Support Globally
The worldwide business networks of Fujifilm and Kao Collins provide an expanded base of technical support to print service providers looking to improve the way they add variable content to direct mail, transactional print, and more.

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Customer Service

Both Fujifilm and Kao Collins are committed to providing world-class customer service.
Whether it be customer service or technical support, the combined teams of Kao Collins and Fujifilm are here to help. This means faster and easier installations, extended parts availability, and more service options.

Contact Fujifilm technical support at +1 (603) 442-4100.
Contact Kao Collins technical support at +1 (513) 949-9000.

Innovative Technology
Kao Collins and Fujifilm worked together to bring you the X-BAR POWERED BY FUJIFILM INKJET TECHNOLOGY System. The partnership between Fujifilm and Kao Collins extends this cooperation from design to implementation. This means more expertise is available from both companies for the benefit of our customers embarking on the latest innovations in commercial imprinting.

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FUJIFILM and POWERED BY FUJIFILM INKJET TECHNOLOGY are trademarks of FUJIFILM Corporation and its affiliates.
X-BAR is a trademark of KAO Collins, Inc.