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No Refurbishment Needed

Commercial imprinting systems from Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions do not require refurbishment. That means you can save time and money while maximizing your uptime. Contact us today to learn more.

FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions Helps Improve Efficiency
Stefan Steinle, Sales & Business Development Manager of Fujifilm’s Integrated Inkjet Solutions business, explains how our imprinting systems bring together printheads, ink, and integration technology to improve efficiency and other values in a wide variety of industries. Watch Stefan’s video presentation during the March 2022 Fujifilm “Peak Performance Print Experience” here.
Integration into corrugated converting equipment
FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions can provide the benefits of digital printing for corrugated without the need to buy a digital press or accept lower operational speed. Our compact systems can help you adapt your existing machinery and processes. Include high-quality graphics on your corrugated boxes during production at speeds up to 1800 feet per minute.
A compact, four-color printbar system from FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions innovates to create new solutions for your printing needs. Here’s a first look at development of a new printbar system designed for compact integration. It is intended to provide four-color printing with an efficient use of space and with many of the same benefits as our popular 42K Printbar system.

FUJIFILM’s Integrated Inkjet Solutions is Now its Own Entity

When Stefan Steinle, our Sales & Business Development Manager for Europe, was interviewed at the Fujifilm “Peak Performance Print Experience” in 2021, he shared some insight into how our inkjet-based solutions can be integrated almost anywhere that print is needed.

FUJIFILM’s Best-Kept Inkjet Secret

This interview with our Senior Manager of Product Management and Marketing, Steve Atherton, sparked an interesting discussion about who benefits from inkjet integration and how. The conversation also touches on the company’s quiet but steady growth over the past 20 years.

FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions

We create and integrate powerful inline inkjet systems directly into the industrial processes of our customers. Watch this video to get an idea of the various services we offer. FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions provides quality inkjet technology in a way that best supports your specific needs.

What is the FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Business?

In this video, FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions GM & VP, Greg Balch, explains the company’s philosophy. The interview provides an inside perspective on how we help our customers develop configured printing solutions.